How to install and setup MuJoCo 1.31?

OK, first you want to make sure you have this kind of setting by following older installation guide in MuJoCo repo:


Next, you can run the test by going to the bin and run./test ../model/humanoid.xml xs 10  :

ros@ros-K401UB:~/.mujoco/mjpro131/bin$ ./test ../model/humanoid.xml xs 10

Comparison of original and saved model
Max difference : 2.61e-06
Field name : body_mass

Simulation ..........
Simulation time : 0.64 s
Realtime factor : 15.59 x
Time per step : 0.128 ms
Contacts per step : 9
Constraints per step : 39
Degrees of freedom : 27

In my case, I have to copy my mjkey.txt to the ~/.mujoco/mjpro131/bin in order to run successfully:



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